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Baby's First Step
Baby's First Step

Baby Shoe Bronzing is now more popular than ever...WHY?
It's one of the few things that can be passed down and still maintain its original condition and mark its place in your families history!

A Keepsake to Treasure in the
Finish of Your Choice

It's over too quickly. The time that begins when you count your newborn's tiny toes.
A flurry of fast-paced months later, your baby takes the first teetering steps into childhood.
And a time you want to always remember could be gone forever.

You can capture that memory in a way that time can't dim. America's most experienced baby shoe bronzer can create a keepsake as individual as your baby. Preserve the shoes that reflect your baby's personality, from classic walking shoes-to tiny sneakers.

Order quickly and easily from this site. In 8-10 weeks you'll have a one-of-a-kind memento that's backed by a 25-year guarantee.

Generations of parents have made our quality-crafted baby shoe bronzing an enduring tradition that's now more popular than ever. It's a tradition created by understanding what is precious today will be truly priceless tomorrow.

We can preserve anything from a hard-won game ball to a unique gag gift. Let your imagination create the perfect retirement gift, an award for your business associates, or a keepsake that keeps you smiling.
A word from the owner:

The Portrait Place was established in 1971. We have been serving the photography needs of Central Virginia as well the entire central east coast area with a quality product and a caring attitude. We are an active member of The Altavista Area Chamber of Commerce. The Portrait Place has been handling the well trusted Bron-Shoe line of bronzing for over 10 years in our studio and branched out into the world wide web about 2 years ago, so that our customers all over the world would have access to the quality of our photography and bronzing services. After 2 years of success on the web we opened this new site “Baby's First Step” so that we could give special attention to the growing bronze shoe area of our business of preserving memories. Be sure to also visit our photography site at Thank you for the pleasure of showing you our bronze shoe line. If you have any questions not answered in our site, feel free to email us or give us a call so that we can help you Capture Your Memories!

Sincerely yours,

Roger C. Blackstock
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